Our Story

TERA is the coming together of a world-class team with a track record of building successful alternative lending businesses in India, the US, and the UK. Our DNA and experience run deep in building digital solutions that help efficiently and profitably serve the under-served customer segments.

Global Team discussing solutions Global Team discussing solutions

TERA’s mission is to make consumer credit affordable for customers and profitable for institutions. Considering India’s burgeoning unmet demand for consumer loans, and keeping our broader goal in mind, we have built digital-first solutions that empower and enable consumer businesses to offer customized credit solutions for their customers and channel partners. With the continuous surge in digitization across industries, we believe the future of consumer lending delivery will lie with businesses that have access to customers and proprietary data. By integrating its Risk-Tech solutions with the external API ecosystem, TERA aims to be at the forefront of this disruption.

TERA’s offering also includes modular API services that enable seamless digital delivery for financial institutions. Our AI-based solutions help enterprises process information, assess risk, and take the right credit decision at a fraction of the cost of traditional processes.

We understand the challenges in a lending business. Being a digital-first company, we realize the need to continually innovate and deliver experiences unmatched in the market. While the fast-evolving eco-system, led by initiatives like UPI, Aadhaar, Account Aggregators, and OCEN (Open Credit Enablement Network), is creating the required interface to build innovative financial solutions, TERA aims to go a step further by adding the required risk intelligence and technology infrastructure to truly enable the democratization of consumer credit in India.


TERA Finlabs is a unit of OYE Fintech Private Limited. OYE’s primary investor and incubator is GAIN Credit. GAIN Credit is a leading fintech company focused on providing alternative and friction-less credit solutions to under banked customers in the UK that do not have adequate access to mainstream banking services. GAIN Credit’s consumer-facing brands, Lending Stream and Drafty, are the leading credit offerings in the markets they serve with some of the highest customer ratings. GAIN Credit is backed by leading US-based fintech investors and has significant development and production facilities in Chennai and the National Capital Region (NCR), India.

GAIN Credit’s Investors: